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Comet CFX-431A

1Kw high power triplexer 145/433/1296MHz






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CFX 431A

High quality triplexer, for transmitting and receiving all three bands 144/433/1200 MHz at the same time.

The combined high quality filters of the CFX 431A work to prevent occurrence of TVI, and the isolation between the connectors is over 50dB.

       Features :

  • CFX-431A Triplexer
  • BandPass Frequency and Input Loss : 1.3-150MHz    Less than 0.2dB
  • BandPass Frequency and Input Loss : 400-500MHz   Less than 0.3dB
  • BandPass Frequency and Input Loss : 900-1400MHz Less than 0.4dB
  • Impedance : 50 Ohms
  • V.S.W.R. Less than 1:1.2
  • Maximum Power 1.3-60MHz         1000 watts (PEP)
  • Maximum Power 100-500MHz      800 watts (PEP)
  • Maximum Power 400-500MHz      500 watts (PEP)
  • Maximum Power 900-1400MHz    200 Watts (PEP)
  • Input N-type low loss socket
  • Output Leads, 1 x PL259, 2 x N-type plugs (Fitted)
  • Size : W66 x D90 x H26mm


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