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MFJ 250X

1.5 kW Dummy Load (no oil)






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MFJ 250X

The MFJ-250X VersaLoad KW Wet Dummy Load lets you tune up fast! 

You can run 1KW CW or 2 KW PEP for 10 minutes. Or run ½ KW CW or 1 KW PEP for 20 minutes. Run continuous duty with 200 Watts CW or 400 Watts PEP.

The dummy load comes complete with a derating curve. It uses a quality 50 Ohm non-inductive resistor. Use transformer oil with this dummy load (not included). Also see combined Dummy Load with transformer oil  (MFJ-250)

The MFJ-250X Dummy Load has low VSWR to 400MHz. Under 1.2:1 to 30 Mhz. 1.5:1 for 30 - 300Mhz. 2:1 for 300-400MHz. Ideal for testing both HF and VHF rigs. Has SO-239 connector and vented for safety. Removable vent cap. Carrying handle. 7 ½" high by 6 " diameter

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