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MyAnt CMC-130-3K

RF Isolator/choke






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We regret due to Danny at MyAntennas production problems, we will be out of stock for the foreseeable future

Common Mode Filter Choke / Noise Suppressor / Line Isolator

  •    Covers 1-30MHz
  •    Power 3kW *ICAS
  •    Common-mode attenuation: ~41dB
  •    Choking Impedance 7,000-15,000 Ohms

CMC-130-3K Common Mode Filter Choke / Noise Suppressor / RF Isolator

This is the one and only Common Mode Filter Choke for 1-30 MHz on the market. PATENT pending! It is only product with over 10,000 Ohms of CMI (Common Mode Impedance) on 3.8-30MHz while maintaining a Resistive  part of CMI for more than 25MHz of the frequency spectrum.

  • Perfect to cure RFI/EMI problems.
  • Great noise suppressor!
  • Common-mode attenuation is up to ~41dB max. (measured in 50 Ohms systems)

It is a cure for noisy locations and could reduce the noise floor of your receiver by several S-units instantly, if the problem is pickup on the coax.  If you have unbalanced antennas such as OCF dipole or your antennas close to your home, adding one CMC130-3K will greatly reduce RF Interference problems on your equipment and 120/220V wiring inside your home.

We do not claim "one size fits all" but actually, we design, measure and make such products. Our CMC-130K has huge Resistive values of Common Mode Choking Impedance from 1.8-30MHz, click the chart on the side for actual measurement data.

Unlike other companies, we do not claim unrealistic impedance values or frequency coverage. Most important, the value of CMC-130-3K Common Mode Choking Impedance and its Resistive (Rs) part is always higher than Reactive part (Xs) over the working bandwidth. This parameter, Rs>Xs ensure that our CMC will NOT increase common mode currents as could with inferior coaxial cable chokes.

Only chokes with Resistive (Rs>Xs) CMI- Common Mode Impedance stops and dissipate unwanted RF or noise coming to your equipment for sure.

CMC-130-3K Features:

SO-239 PTFE (TeflonĀ®) Connectors which produce no impedance bump but continuity of coaxial cable where the choke is inserted, it helps minimize leakage of RF in multi/contest stations setups.

  •  PTFE (TeflonĀ®) insulated coaxial cable used  can handle a lot more then legal power (1500W) in USA.
  •  It is rated up to 3kW in HF band.
  • The Enclosure is UV stable and could be used outside.

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