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600W remote Auto Tuner 1.8 - 30MHz





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600W remote Auto Tuner 1.8 - 30MHz

Mounted in a durable hard plastic case the Remote Intelli Tuner measures just 9 ¼" x 3" x 14 ¼". Covers 1.8 to 30 MHz using a highly efficient L-network. It also includes the MFJ-4117 BiasTee Power Injector to send DC/RF down your coax.

Power handling 600 Watts SSB/CW and matches 12-800 Ohm antennas.  

MFJ?s exclusive IntelliTuner, Adaptive Search and InstantRecall algorithms give you ultra-fast automatic tuning with over 10,000 Virtual Antenna memories. 

When you transmit the MFJ-994BRT automatically tunes for minimum SWR and remembers your frequency and tuning settings into 2500 memories. The next time you operate on that frequency and antenna, these tuner settings are instantly restored and you?re ready to operate in milliseconds!

The tuner has a SO-239 for antenna connection and a binding post for end-fed long wire antennas

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