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MFJ 906

Antenna Tuner for 6m (50Mhz) Band





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The MFJ-906 6 Meter antenna tuner for the Magic Band gives you low SWR with practically any coax-fed antenna: mobile whips, dipoles, verticals, vees, random wires, beams.

With low SWR, your rig will be more efficient; youll get more power out of your 6 meter transceiver and into your antenna for more DX, it will run cooler and last longer, and your expensive transceiver will be protected from overheating due to high SWR.

A lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter shows SWR, forward and reflected power
simultaneously in 300/60 forward and 30/6 reflected Watt ranges and has an ON/OFF lamp switch. With a built-in bypass switch, you can bypass your tuner and connect your transceiver directly to your antenna.

The MFJ-906 handles 100 Watts FM and 200 Watts SSB PEP. It works with all solid state and tube rigs and is perfect for home and mobile use.

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