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LDG AT600 Pro 11

600 Watts Automatic Antenna Tuner



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High power 600 watt (250 watts on 6m) auto tuner from LDG, the AT600Pro II

The AT-600Pro 11 will handle up to 600 watts SSB and CW and 300 on RTTY (1.8-30 MHz) and 250 watts on 54 MHz. It features LDGs state-of-the-art, processor-controlled Switched-L tuner. It will match virtually any kind of coax-fed antenna, including Yagis, dipoles, inverted Vs, slopers, loops, just about anything.

 It will typically match a 10:1 SWR down to 1.5:1 in just a few seconds. You can also use the AT-600Pro with long wires, random wires and antennas fed with ladder line just by adding a balun.

  • LDG AT-600Pro II
  • 600 watts 1.8-30Mhz auto tuner
  • 250 watts  50Mhz
  • State of the art Processor controlled
  • Match a 10:1 SWR..........FAST 
  • Suitable for most types of antennas

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