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MFJ 1704P

4-position SO239 coaxial antenna switch





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4-way antenna switch with lightning protection

The 1704 has a replaceable lightning/surge protection pellet, and centre ground position.
When in the centre position, all connectors are disconnected and grounded. If the switch is turned to an active connector, all of the others are automatically grounded.

The active connector is automatically protected with the replaceable lightning/surge protector.

  • 1704
  • Frequency range 0-500MHz
  • Connectors  SO239
  • Power rating 2.5kw PEP
  • Impedance  50 Ohms
  • VSWR  1.1 :1(30MHz) 1.3:1(150MHz) 1.4:1 (450/500MHz)

Grounding requirements :

A separate external ground wire must be used with this switch. The wire should be connected to either of the through holes of the base plate. The lightning protector pellet will not work without a good ground. Paint should be removed from the base plate at the point of connection to provide a good solder surface.

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