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MFJ 1700C

6 Way coax switch for Ants/Radios





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6 Way HF 2Kw coax switch for Ants/Radios

This deluxe high power Antenna/Transceiver Switch has two ceramic rotary switches that allow you to select 1 to 6 antennas and 1 to 6 transceivers in any combination.

You can also plug in an antenna tuner, wattmeter, linear, etc. so it is always connected to the antenna and transceiver selected.

  • Power: 2kW PEP
  • Impedance: 50-75 Ohm.
  • Connectors: SO-239
  • Frequency: 1.8 - 30MHz
  • Size:  10x3x1 1/2 inches.
  • Unused terminals are automatically grounded

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