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Yaesu G1000DXC

Heavy Duty Rotator with Vari-Speed Control Box



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Yaesu G1000DXC

High performance rotator with variable speed control.

This new, high-performance rotator is ideal for medium to heavy-duty applications. Its slim-line construction is ideal for many crank-up tower installations.

Yaesu have rotators for all types of amateur installations . Amateur radio operators find Yaesu rotators indispensable for making difficult contacts possible.  All Yaesu rotators are housed in weatherproof, die-cast aluminum enclosures and permanently lubricated for years of smooth, quiet operation. Unlike other rotators, which use noisy wedge brakes, Yaesu rotators have a quiet, reliable, gear-reduction breaking system.

  • 450 degree turning radius on most models
  • User selectable north or south centre
  • Quiet, gear reduction breaking system
  • Quick-disconnect plug for safety during bad weather conditions (lightning)
  • Wind Load - 2.2m 2
  • K-Factor - 230
  • Stationary Torque - 6000kg/cm
  • Rotation Torque  - 1100~600kg/cm
  • Max Vert Load  - 200kg
  • Max Vert Intermittent Load - 800kg 
  • Backlash  - 1°   
  • Mast Size  - 38~63 Ø
  • 360° Rotation Time  - 43~93sec
  • 180° Elevation Time   N/A 
  • Weight    
  •  3.5kg
  • Cable and Connectors are not supplied as standard - see accessories section for details 

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