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Hy-Gain YRC-3X

Yaesu 220v rotator controller, 6-Prog memories





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 Hy-Gain's YRC-3 Digital Rotator Controllers feature a large LCD screen that indicates beam heading.

 There are also indicators for manual and computer-controlled beam heading selection and manual rotation controls.

Settings in memory include brake delay, rotator coast control, North and South center headings, adjustable sleep time, and call sign display.

 YRC-3 controllers were designed as a replacement controller for both AC and DC Yaesu rotor motors and will work with the following Yaesu rotators:

  •     G-450
  •     G-650
  •     G-800/SA/DXA
  •     G-1000SA/DXA
  •     G-2800DXA


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