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Create RC5-1

Medium duty antenna rotator





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The Create RC5-1 Rotator is ideal for small HF antennas or VHF/UHF arrays. The RC5 control unit is designed to give ease of operation.

Controls are CCW, CW and SPEED as well as POWER ON/OFF. Antenna direction is viewed on a large round dial marked off in compass points and degrees.

Specifications :

  • Rotating torque: 6kg/m
  • Braking torque: 80kg/m
  • Mast size: 48-63mm
  • Vertical load 400kg
  • Horizontal load 800kg
  • Rotation speed: 60-150sec/60Hz
  • Power requirement: 230V AC 80VA
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Cable: 7-core cable (not supplied)
  • Requires MC-2 lower mast clamp if mounting on pole

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