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MFJ 762

Step attenuator (81dB in one dB steps)





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The MFJ762 step attenuator is ideal for any application requiring a low power 50 ohm attenuator that operates from dc to lower UHF.

The 762 can be used to prevent front end overload or as an "isolation pad" to properly terminate filters and/or preselectors.

Common uses include receive signal reduction for transmitter hunting, a standard dB reference for S meter scale calibration, a dB change reference for antenna comparisons, and many other low-power signal level attenuation applicatons.

The MFJ-762 step attenuator provides attenuation values to 81dB in one dB steps. The maximum power rating is 125 milliwatts (1/8th watt) and the useable frequency range extxends into UHF. The input and output connectors are standard BNC females.

  • MFJ-762
  • Step attenuator
  • Connectors - BNC females
  • VSWR - 1.25:1 (dc to 170MHz)  typically 1.1:1
  • VSWR - 1.6:1 (170-500MHz) typically 1.1:1
  • Bypass loss - <0.65dB at 170MHz (<2 at 500MHz)
  • Power rating - 125 milliwatts continuous
  • Attenuation steps - 1dB/2dB/3dB/5dB/10dB and (3) 20dB steps
  • Attenuation accuracy - 0.2dB or 5% of total attenuation, whichever is greater

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