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MFJ 249C

SWR Analyzer 530KHz - 230MHz





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MFJ 249C

SWR Analyzer

MFJ-249C is similar to the MFJ-259C, but without the analog meters. MFJ-249C reads SWR, true impedance magnitude and frequency only on LCD module.

The MFJ-249C is a compact battery powered RF impedance analyzer that combines four basic circuits; a 50-ohm bridge, eight-bit micro-controller, frequency counter, and a 530 KHz -230 MHz variable-frequency oscillator with switched coverage of nine overlapping bands. These four sub-elements are integrated to provide a wide variety of useful antenna and impedance measurements including coaxial cable loss and distance to an open or short. 

Although designed primarily for analyzing 50-ohm antennas and transmission line systems, the MFJ-249C also measures RF impedance from a few ohms to several hundred ohms. In addition, it functions as a discrete signal source (RF-Signal Generator) and independent frequency counter.

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