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Kenwood TS-2000E

All-mode multibander: HF/50/144/430MHz



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Kenwood TS-2000E

All band All mode Transceiver  

Another of our favourite transceivers, the TS2000E is a complete shack in one box !! Covers all HF bands, 50Mhz, VHF 2m band, and even 70Cms UHF band in all modes, dual receive, built-in TNC, powerful DSP noise reduction system, built-in antenna tuner up to 50 Mhz, and a host of user friendly features make this a very desirable transceiver.

  • Kenwood TS-2000E All band transceiver
  • All-mode multibander: HF/50/144/430MHz (+ 1200MHz with optional UT-20) in one compact rig
  • Power Supply 13.8v  ( not supplied)
  • Output (430MHz: 50 watts, 1200MHz: 10 watts)
  • Dual-channel watch (sub 144/430MHz FM/AM receiver)
  • IF-DSP: main band (FM: AF-DSP) + AF-DSP: sub band
  • IF Auto Notch & AGC
  • AF DSP Beat Cancel, Manual Beat Cancel, NR, CW
  • Auto Tune & TX audio shaping
  • Built-in TCXO for superb stability under difficult conditions
  • DX cluster (Packet cluster) tune
  • 1200/9600bps simple TNC for DX cluster
  • Satellite Communications (HF to 1200MHz: all mode)
  • 300 memory channels (plus 1 call channel for each band)
  • Automatic antenna tuner (1.9-50MHz)
  • Antenna terminal for HF low-band RX
  • Programmable function keys for easy recall of your favourite functions
  • Transverter display shows up to 19.99999Ghz
  • Auto simplex checker
  • Auto repeater offset
  • Backlit front keys
  • ARCP-2000 Windows radio control software (option)
  • MCP-2000 Windows memory software downloadable free from


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