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Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95

HF/6m/4m Transceiver



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  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 1
  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 2
  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 3
  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 4
  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 5
  • Icom IC-7300 - Plus FREE 30A Supply worth £69.95: Image 6
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ALL our IC-7300 are UK models covering 5 MHz and warrantied by Icom UK

SPECIAL OFFER supplied with FREE NEVADA PSW30H 30 Amp Power Supply worth £69.95

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We are pleased to offer you a choice of 2 finance packages :

Buy now, Pay later option

Amount of Loan:  £1099.95
Deposit:               £100.00
48 monthly payments of £47.39 at an APR of 29.8%.
Monthly payments will commence 12 months from the date your agreement starts and will be payable on the same day in each subsequent month. We will tell you the due date of the first repayment. If you settle the outstanding balance before the first repayment is due then we will waive all interest charges and just charge an administration fee of £29.00.


2) Standard finance - Fixed interest,
monthly payments will commence 1 month from the date your agreement starts and will be payable on the same day in each subsequent month.

2 Years:
Amount of Loan:  £1099.95
Deposit:               £100.00
24 monthly payments of £55.07 at an APR of 19.9%.


3 Years:
Amount of Loan:  £1099.95
Deposit:               £100.00
36 monthly payments of £39.93 at an APR of 19.9%.


4 Years:
Amount of Loan:  £1099.95
Deposit:               £100.00
48 monthly payments of £32.48 at an APR of 19.9%.


  • Finance is through "Hitachi Finance".


Some features of this very exciting new transceiver include :-

  • HF/6/4m + new 5 MHz amateur band already enabled!
  • High quality real-time spectrum scope
  • RF direct sampling system
  • Class leading phase noise characteristics
  • Large touch screen colour TFT LCD
  • Built-in automatic antenna tuner
  • Easy-to-hear sound quality
  • 2 year warranty

High Quality Real-time Spectrum Scope

Now, a serious spectrum scope is NOT a "privilege" of high-grade models. The high resolution real-time spectrum scope comes loaded with the IC-7300. Its real-time spectrum
scope with waterfall function provides top-level performance in resolution, sweep
speed and dynamic range.


RF Direct Sampling System - A First in Amateur Radio*

Instead of the conventional superheterodyne system, the IC-7300 utilizes the
RF direct sampling system  - a first in an amateur radio transceiver. This
technology is seen in Software Defined Radios and other radio equipment. RF
signals are mostly processed through the FPGA (Field-Programmable Gßate
Array), making it possible to eliminate physical mixer and filter devices and
offer a high performance real-time spectrum scope in a compact body.
* Researched by Icom, among major amateur radio manufactures.


Class Leading Phase Noise Characteristics

Overcoming cost and performance limitations of the superheterodyne system,
the RF direct sampling system pursues ideal high performance phase noise. As
the result, compared to the IC-7200, the IC-7300's phase noise characteristics
are improved about 15dB (at 1kHz frequency offset). This superior phase noise
reduces noise components in both receive and transmit signals.


Large Touch Screen Color TFT LCD

The IC-7300 has a large color TFT LCD and it can be used as a touch screen. This user-friendly interface provides intuitive operation. Using the software keypad of the touch
screen, you can easily set various functions and edit memory contents.


Multi-dial Knob for Smooth Operation

When you push the multi-dial knob, menu items are shown on the right side of the display. You can select an item with a touch of the screen and adjust levels by turning the multi-dial
knob. This combination of the multidial knob and touch screen offers
quick and smooth operation.


Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner

The high-speed automatic antenna tuner is built into a compact chassis
(240 (W) × 238 (D) × 95 (H) mm; 9.45 × 9.37 × 3.74 in). You can easily carry
the radio and enjoy field operation.


Easy-to-Hear Sound Quality

To offer optimum sound quality, a new speaker unit is employed and is allocated sufficient space in the aluminum die-cast chassis.


Other Features

  •     Voice memory function
  •     Memory keyer functions for CW and RTTY
  •     RTTYdecode log function
  •     Screen capture
  •     SD card slot
  •     USB for CI-V and audio input/output
  •     Large cooling fan system
  •     Multi-function meter
  •     101 memory channels (99 regular and 2 scan edge channels)
  •     Multiple CW functions
  •     Digital noise reduction
  •     100W output power on HF/50MHz bands
  •     50W on 70MHz band* (*Europe versions only)
  •      SSB, CW, RTTY, AM and FM modes

 Firmware update October 2016

New Icom IC-7300 HF/50/70MHz Transceiver Firmware Update (Ver.1.14)
Icom Inc. has published a new firmware update (Ver.1.14) for the IC-7300 on their global website. This new firmware has been designed to provide several improvements for IC-7300 radio owners.
This latest firmware can be downloaded from the following URL:

  Improvements Found in IC-7300 Firmware Update (Ver.1.14)

  • Spurious signals in the fixed mode spectrum scope screen have been reduced.
  • Flickering of the spectrum scope screen has been reduced.
  • Accuracy of the spectrum scope in CW mode has been improved.
  • Frequency response near the edges of the spectrum scope has been improved.
    Other resolved issues
  • "CI-V USB >REMOTE Transceiver Address? setting problem has been corrected.
  • Unnecessary OVF indication at the end of a transmission has been corrected.

Important Note
Before you install the firmware, download the installation guide using the link on the firmware update page, or from the site support webpage.
To update the firmware

  • An SD card or an SDHC card is required.
  • Format the card in the IC-7300 before using it for the update. (First, save any data that is on the card, if necessary.)
  • Unzip and save the downloaded firmware file in the"IC-7300" folder that is on the card.
  • Save the transceiver's data onto a separate card before the update, as it is possible that your data could get lost or corrupted during the process. Thoroughly read Section 8 (USING AN SD CARD) in the FULL MANUAL for details.
  • Thoroughly read Section 15 (UPDATING THE FIRMWARE) in the FULL MANUAL before starting the update.
  • Never turn OFF the transceiver power during the update.
  • The firmware will be updated to the following versions.
  • Main CPU: 1.14
  • DSP Program: 1.07
  • DSP Data: 1.00
  • FPGA: 1.13
  • Announcement Date : 06 October 2016



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