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Alinco ERW7

USB Type Computer Interface Cable





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The ERW-7 can also be used for cloning function only on the new Alinco DJ-X11.

This accessory is made to connect your Alinco products with a Windows PC to use Alinco's utility software for programming, editing and saving the data.

This cable will fit most programmable handheld transceivers.It will also fit most programmable scanning receivers, such as the DJ-X30, and most mobile programmable transceivers such as the DR-135.

Here's a partial list:
DJ-191/193/195, DJ-196/296/396, DJ-446, DJ-493/496, DJ-593/596, DJ-C6/C7, DJ-S17/S47 (EDS-10/14 is required), DJ-V/S 17-47 (EDS-10/14 is required), DJ-V5, DJ-X10/X3/X7/X11/X30/X2000, DR-03/06, DR-135/235/435, DR-620, DR-635, DX-77
, R-8

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