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Flex Radio Flex GPSDO Upgrade

GPS Disciplined Oscillator






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?The FLEX-6400, FLEX-6600 ( also 6500 & 6700) are the first amateur radio products to offer an optional built-in GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO).   The GPSDO plug in module provides a precision 10 MHz reference for the 983.04 MHz master oscillator and to a rear panel 10 MHz SMA output connector for external precision frequency control. Frequency stability is 1 x 10-8 within 5 minutes at 25° C and 5 x 10-12 over 24 hours with GPS lock. Rear panel SMA connections are provided for the GPS antenna input and 10 MHz reference output. 
GPS patch antenna and 15' of RG-174 terminated with SMA connectors included.

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