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INRAD FT-1000MP Roofing Filter kit

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?Inrad FT-1000MP roofing filter Kit.

This roofing filter substantially reduces the third order intermodulation from multiple strong signals in the 2 to 20 kHz region either side of the tuned frequency. It has much of the benefit of the IF Noise Reduction Mod and in addition it reduces the close in IMD. This is particularly important for stations with big antennas or stations which regularly receive loud signals.
This is a plug-in, no-solder mod that can be easily removed. The roofing filter also works in the Mark V and Mark V Field, except it requires soldering two connections.

Please see our document titled "A Few Words About Roofing Filters" for more details.

Note: This unit cannot be installed along with the Inrad FT-1000MP IF Noise Reduction Mod. Only one or the other can be used.

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