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Avair AV-1000

SWR/Power Meter 1.8 -160MHz, 430-1300MHz





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The AVAIR AV-1000 SWR meter for HF, VHF, UHF & 23cm. It has identical styling with other models in the range including a large clear meter for easy readout.

Built-in lamp for illumination, just requires an external 12V supply. Average or PEP at a switch of a button.

  •      Frequency range: 1.8 -160MHz, 430-1300MHz
  •      Power: 5W, 20W, 200W, 400W (AVG/PEP)
  •     Sockets: SO-239 (1.8-160MHz), N-type (430-1300MHz)
  •     Size: 155 x 63 x 103mm
  •     Weight: 870g

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