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Daiwa CN901VN

140-525MHz VHF/UHF meter with "N" type connectors





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NEW-  Large 140-525MHz  VHF/UHF power/SWR meter with "N" type connectors

A high quality meter, the Daiwa CN-901VN is for the VHF/UHF enthusiast, covering the very popular 2m and 70cms bands, with power reading up to 200 watts.
  • Frequency range: 140 - 525MHz 
  • Power range: 20/200W 
  • SWR Detection sensitivity: 5W minimum 
  • Input/Output impedance: 50 ohm 
  • Input/Output connectors:  Low loss N Type
  • Size: 109H x 155W x 120Dmm 
  • Weight: 1000g

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