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Blue Racer 2000 Standard Bug key






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Bluer Racer 2000 Standard

Horace Martin, founder of VIBROPLEX, invented the semi-automatic "bug" key and started the VIBROPLEX company in 1905.  He got it right on the first try: 111 years later, we are still offering Martin's original key design for the active Amateur Radio operator. 

The "bug" key represents a hand back to the rich tradition of CW operation in the hobby and many of them are in use on the air today with each operator's distinctive fist giving their code transmission a unique sound on the air.  An item you can buy today, and treasure for many years to come!

Blue Racer Standard

The "little brother" to the Original key is physically smaller - base width 2.5" instead of 3.5" and uses a different stock weighting arrangement for slightly faster key speed (Vari-Speed accessory can be used with this key also). 

Blue powdercoated textured base, Deluxe jeweled movements (not the standard movement), red finger pieces.

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