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Communications Headset for Icom Radios 8P Mod





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For use with Icom Radios with 8 Pin Modular Mic Plug.

This professional grade MFJ Boom-Mic Head-phone set is for contesting, DXing and traffic nets. Comfort designed leatherette padding lets you operate for hours at the rig.

Superb ¾ inch thick padding on each ear and headband. The MFJ-393 is so lightweight, you won?t even know they?re there!

Headband adjusts for perfect fit to keep out external noise. Frequency response is enhanced for communications to bring out speech fidelity you never knew existed. Signals never sounded so clear!

The flexible microphone boom lets you position the mic comfortably at an optimum distance to minimize sibilant sounds. MFJ?s frequency tailored microphone element lets you bust through noise and QRM! 6 feet of cable lets you move about your radio station!

Even casual operators will appreciate the advantages of MFJ?s superbly crafted Boom-Mic headphones for hands-free operating and DXing at an incredibly low MFJ price.

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