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MFJ 1020C

Shortwave listener indoor active antenna





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Tunable active antenna using dual gate MOSFET and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer.

The MFJ-1020C has been completely redesigned with new technology.  Using a dual gate MOSFET and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer. This improves gain and selectivity, reduces noise and intermodulation. As a result is NOT prone to self-oscillations that can severely damage your receiver.

Tthe MFJ-1020C tuned indoor active antenna rivals reception of outside wire antennas hundreds of feet long and pick up signals loud and clear from all over the world.

  • World Radio TV Handbook says the MFJ-1020 is a "fine value . . fair price . . best offering to date . . performs very well indeed."
  • The MFJ-1020C covers 0.3 to 40 MHz including VLF, AM broadcast, all shortwave and all amateur radio bands.
  • It has Tune, Band, Gain, On-Off/Bypass controls and SO-239 coax connectors.
  • It uses a 9 volt battery, 9-18 VDC or 10 VAC with the MFJ-1312D.
  • The MFJ-1020C measures 6W x 2H x 5D inches.
  • It includes a telescoping whip.

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