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AR-8600 MKII

The AR 8600 MK2
is an extremely versatile all mode receiver which can be used virtually anywhere. It can be powered from an external 12 V DC power source, 12V vehicle supply with optional cigar lead (CD8600) or from an optional internally fitted NiCad battery pack (BP8600). A strong twin metal case with die cast front panel characterises the multi-purpose role. All mode receive capability is provided including SSB with programmable tuning steps down to a resolution of 50Hz with the frequency established by a highly accurate TCXO.

The AR8600 RF front end is an all new design with preselection around VHF to ensure the highest levels of adjacent channel rejection with software spurii cancellation.

In addition to a hinged telescopic whip aerial, the AR8600 is supplied with a detachable plug in medium wave bar aerial which locates on the rear chassis of the receiver for localised medium wave monitoring. An additional BNC socket is mounted on the rear chassis so that 10.7MHz i.f. output may be extracted for use with external spectrum display and vector analyser units such as the AOR SDU5500. 

The TCXO ensures high stability with minimal internal spurii and is usually only seen in top of the range models such as the AR5000 & AR7030. 
The AR8600 receiver comes supplied with the following items (please note that UK power supply is an optional accessory - see below )

  • Swivel base telescopic whip antenna
  • MW bar antenna
  • Operating manual with RS232 listing
  • Free PC software is available from the AOR web sites

  • Frequency: 530kHz-3000MHz no gaps
  • Modes: WFM, NFM, SFM, WAM, AM, NAM, USB, LSB, CW
  • Memories: 1000 (20 banks)
  • Antenna Connector: >50 ohm BNC
  • Weight: 2 kg (MW bar aerial inc)
  • Size: 155W x 57H x 195D mm

    Airband Channel Step
    The all important 8.33 kHz airband channel step is correctly implemented. Computer control is available via a standard 9-pin RS232 D-type connector on the rear chassis, just a standard RS232 cable is required for connection to a PC, the extensive RS232 command list is printed in the operating manual. In addition, 'optional internal Slot Cards' extend the capabilities even further, five cards may be fitted with two operational simultaneously.

    Optional Accessories
  • PS8600-20  UK mains power supply   (please click here)
  • EM8200 memory slot card
  • CT8200 CTCSS slot card, squelch & search
  • RU8200 Record chip slot card with 3continuous3 capability
  • TE8200 Tone eliminator slot card
  • VI8200 Voice inverter card, demodulate analogue scrambler - £79.95
  • CR5000 Tape recording lead
  • DC8600 DC lead with cigar plug
  • BP8600 optional internal NiCad battery pack - £52.95
  • MM8600 wrap around mobile mount
  • MF2.5 substitute Collins SSB filter, requires workshop fitting
  • MF6 substitute Collins AM filter, requires workshop fitting
  • MA500 VHF/UHF whip aerial on magnetic base c/w 4m cable
  • DA3000 16 element discone aerial with 15m cable
  • SA7000 Passive twin ele wideband aerial c/w 15m cable
  • LA320 Desktop loop aerial 1.6MHz to 15MHz.
  • Optional elements available for LW & MW. C/W with BNC lead
  • ABF125 VHF airband filter for increased channel selectivity.

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