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Midland Mini Stinger/Tornado

Shorter Version of the Popular Tornado

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Midland Mini Stinger/Tornado

Your CB transceiver requires an antenna specifically made for CB operation. Operation of CB equipment without a properly matched antenna may result in damaged transmitter circuitry, so selecting the right antenna is as important as selecting the right CB transceiver.

Some things to think about when choosing your antenna are: Size (Generally the longer the antenna, the better the performance you can expect) and type of mount.

Of course, using a 6m tall base antenna on a moving vehicle is far from practical! So we offer a range of Antennas and Mounting Kits to suit whatever vehicle or whatever kind of CB radio you use. Whether you're driving down the M1 or Mud-Plugging on Salisbury Plain, we've got the right kit for the job!

If You've been out on the road and seen a CB antenna on a truck, tractor or 4 x 4 vehicle, the chances are that it was one of our massively popular "Tornado" range of 27MHz antennas.

Available in a range of sizes and attractive colours NOW INCLUDING PINK ! , the Mini-Tornado antenna is flexible, durable and great value for money.

  •     Mini Tornado
  •     Frequency Coverage: 27MHz
  •     Whip Length: 840mm
  •     Max Power: 500W
  •     Channels: 80

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