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MFJ 1899T

6-80m multiband telescopic antenna for Yaesu FT-817






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6-80m multiband telescopic antenna for Yaesu FT-817

  • Work DX walking about!
  • This MFJ Walkabout antenna is designed for the FT-817 and other QRPrigs.
  • Covers all bands 80 Meters through 6 Meters including WARC Bands.
  • Its ten section telescoping whip is 52 inches fully extend-ed and is 7 inches when col-lapsed.
  • The whip unscrews from the 12 inch base loading coil. It is ultra-compact for easy traveling. Handles 25 Watts.
  • You change bands by plugging the "wander lead" into the appropriate socket on the base coil. Fine tuning is done by adjusting the telescopic whip.
  • Has BNC connector. Use adapter for SO-239.


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