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Comet SB-15

Tri-Band Mobile Whip 50/144/432MHz 1.53m 120w





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Comet SB 15 Mobile Whip  6m(50Mhz), 2m(144Mhz), 70Cms(433MHz) 1.53m 120w 3 band mobile antenna

A longer tri-band mobile whip, covering the 6m/2m/70Cms bands.  Fitted with the ever popular PL259 base socket, the antenna has useful gain figures of 2.15/4.5/7.2dBi per band. Antenna length is 1.53m,and is finished in high quality materials for a long  life. Fitted with tilt over base for easy parking. A great way to work three bands automatically in the car without the inconvenience of fitting a triplexer etc.

  • SB 15 - 3 band 6m(50Mhz), 2m(144Mhz), 70Cms(433Mhz) mobile antenna
  • Length :  1.53m
  • Weight : 410g
  • Gain : 2.15/4.5/7.2dBi (6m/2m/70Cms)
  • Power : 120 watts FM
  • Base : PL259 type



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