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Spiderbeam 3

3-band (20-15-10m) antenna kit durable lightweight yagi for portable operation

The portable Spiderbeam is a DXpeditioner's dream antenna. It is a fullsize 3-band yagi, consisting of 3 interlaced monobanders, in a lightweight and durable construction made of fiberglass and wire. All parts are made from high quality materials resistant to weather, UV rays and corrosion.

Putting together this antenna kit will be a fun and educational project. It contains all the necessary parts to make a 100% complete antenna (exactly as described in the construction guide - including some prefabricated parts). Nothing beats the satisfaction of cracking pile-ups with an antenna you built with your own hands!

Welcome aboard. Over 700 spiderbeams are already installed worldwide.
Get yours today and become a happy Spiderbeam fan.

                                                              20m    15m    10m
Nr. of Elements                                      3         3          4
Forward Gain@10m height [dBi]      11.7    12.3     12.6
Front/Back ratio [dB]                      15-20    20-25    20-25
  • SWR    < 1.5    < 1.5    < 2
  • Max. Power    2000 W / balun is included
  • Impedance    50 Ohms / single feedline
  • Boom length    10m (33 ft)
  • Turning Radius    5m (16 ft)
  • Wind load area    0.35 sq-m (3.8 sq-ft)
  • Weight    6.7kg (14 lbs)
  • Transport Size    120x27x18cm (47x11x7 inch)

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