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Nevada Kevlar 28 M

Military style antenna wire per metre

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Nevada Military style Kevlar 28 standard size antenna wire in Chrome Green finish 

Priced here by the pre-cut length - simply buy what you need!

If you need any other lengths not shown, please contact our Hotline 02392 313090

This Kevlar aerial wire is light and amazingly strong, and finished in a  chrome green colour for minimum visual impact !

  • Specifications:
  • Strength Member (Centre Element):  Yellow
  • Continuous Filament Aramid (Kevlar).  Diameter:  1.00mm Nominal
  • Conductor:  Silver (16/4/0.1mm conductor) 
  • Tinned Copper Wire Braid.  Diameter:  1.40mm (±0.20mm)
  • Jacket:  Green
  • PVC Type 4. Diameter:  2.80mm (±0.10mm)
  • Power handling in excess of 2 kW RF
  • Max DC Resistance:  40 Ohms/1000m
  • Minimum Insulation Resistance: >500 MOhms/1000m @ 500V
  • Min Break Load:  90 KGF
  • Min Break Force: 0.8826 KN
  • Max Operating Temp: 100ºC
  • Min Cold Bend Temp: -60ºC
  • Min Cold Flex Temp: -40ºC
  • Max Elongation @ 20ºC:  2% @ 660 N
  • Min Recommended Bend Radius:  5.4mm
  • Nominal Weight in Air:  13.50kg/KM  (1.35kg/100M Drum)


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