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Mosley Mini-32-AW

2 element beam 10/15/20m + 12/17m dipole






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This Mosley antenna not only covers the three most popular HF bands, but also adds the two WARC bands. A phasing line between the two driven elements allows the use of a single feeder. A great antenna for the small garden.

The Mosley Mini series is the answer to the antenna space problem, while giving you great performance and durability. 

For those who need to completely hide their antennas, the Mini series will easily fit into the majority of attics or upper lofts.

The Mini series is built in the Mosley tradition of quality, simplicity, and strength. The Mini series uses aircraft seamless drawn tubing, stainless steel hardware, and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Even though the antennas are small in stature; they are capable of taking a 1/4" of radial ice at 60 m.p.h, and 80 m.p.h. with no ice load.

For portable operation, such as field day, fishing trips, etc., the Mini antennas are excellent! 
The Minis are color-coded and assemble in just a few minutes!

The performance of the Mini series will truly surprise you! Whether you enjoy chasing DX, or rag chewing with your friends, the Mini series will give you years of enjoyment.

Features :
  • 2 Elements on 10, 15, 20
  • Rotatable Dipole on 12 & 17
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Small foot print
  • Good all-around performance
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 2 Year Warranty

Specification :
  • Bands: 10-12-15-17-20m
  • Power 1Kw SSB
  • Gain 10=6.1 15=4.2 20=3.5 (dB)
  •  F/B Ratio 10=16 15=13 20=12 (dB) 12m & 17m Unity gain and F/B Ratio
  • Boom 6ft
  • Longest El. 19.8ft
  • Turn Radius 10.3ft
  • Weight 12.5 lbs
  • Mast Size 1.5"


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