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MFJ 1848

8-band Hex Beam antenna 1.5Kw






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New HexBeam from MFJ delivers solid gain and directivity on 40, 30, 20,
17, 15, 12, 10, and 6 Meters in a low-profile package that will have your
pocketbook and your neighbors smiling!

The MFJ-1848 uses an updated G3TXQ element configuration for excellent
gain, improved bandwidth, superior front-to-back ratio and low SWR --
makes snagging rare DX easy!

That`s just the beginning! MFJ takes the HexBeam`s unique balanced-tension
framework to a new level with rugged mounting hardware, exceptionally
durable spreaders and sliding antenna-wire guides -- all designed to
ensure years of reliable service in tough weather conditions.
Gain and directivity makes the difference when DXing or maintaining
schedules and the HexBeam delivers!

Great Value: Hexbeams are expensive to manufacture. MFJ`s massive
purchasing power and extensive manufacturing capability gives you more
HexBeam for less money than others!

MFJ-1848 Specifications: Gain/front-to-back ratio: see www.; Turning Radius: 14 ft.; Max Mast Size: 2 inches
OD; Weight: 28 lbs.; Wind Load: 3.5 sq. ft

Some Outstanding MFJ-1848 Features :

  • Lightweight -- mounts on a TV mast, tripod, gable mount, or even chimney straps
  • Solid Construction -- gives years of reliable service
  • Proven directivity and gain from a time-tested design
  • Rotates with an inexpensive rotor -- only 3.5 square-feet of wind loading
  • Handles maximum legal power, all modes, all six bands
  • Delivers full-band coverage without a tuner
  • Great for contesting, QSY instantly among all six bands
  • Just one coax feed, a real convenience and cost saver
  • Sky-gray spreaders disappear against most backgrounds
  • Small footprint -- 14-foot turning radius fits cramped spaces
  • Symmetrical footprint -- stays balanced when coated with ice and snow

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