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Hy-Gain SPT-500

10/12m vertical, PENETRATOR, 1.5KW





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This fantastic true full-size 5/8 Wave 10 / 12 Meter vertical antenna from Hy-Gain was a legend in the 70's now it's back to prove its legendary status once again!

A Full-size radiator with lower radiation angle concentrates power closer to the ground, where you want it. Measures 22 foot, 9.5 inches.

Larger diameter, heavy wall ply-tubular construction makes the new Super-Penetrator the absolute top omnidirectional antenna around! Four full-length radials and special machine-formed brackets give extra talk-power and overall strength.

Electrical performance has been increased to a new standard by the use of a longer radiator and double-matching tuning with linear phasing techniques that provide low SWR and more radiated energy.

The double-matching also provides a DC path to ground to drain off precipitation static, giving an extremely low noise antenna capable of high power

SPT-500 is specifically designed to accept AM-FM-SSB-DSB signals with low loss. Handles 1.5 killowatts. This antenna is not legal for 11 Meters use.

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