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Hy-Gain LFA-2M16EL

16 Element 2M LFA Yagi



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16 Element 2M LFA Yagi

Hy-gain's computer optimized third generation G0KSC Loop Fed Array (LFA) yagis are specifically designed for low noise -- hear weak signals that others can not!

Highly suppressed side lobes eliminate unwanted noise and signal pickup from sides making your desired signal pop out!

Wide-spaced LFA yagis have lower SWR, higher gain, better front-to-back and more broadbanded than dipole fed yagis.

Hy-gain's direct 50-Ohm feed has no lossy matching network that limits power handling. hy-gain LFAs handle 5,000 Watts. Your actual operational power is limited by your coax, connectors and other accessories.

Hy-gain LFAs are also computer optimized for maximum mechanical strength using hy-gain's exceptionally strong tooled parts to give you years of reliable service.

All hy-gain 2-Metre LFAs have heavy duty 1.25-inch diameter booms, fully insulated elements and outer tip sections.


  • Gain:  17.25dBi (144.100MHz)
  • Gain:  17.27dBi (144.300MHz)
  • F/B:  33.47dB (144.100MHz)
  • F/B:  37.53dB (144.300MHz)
  • Power Rating:  3kW
  • SWR:  <1.12:1 143.000 to 145.900MHz
  • Boom Length:  35 feet
  • Weight:  19.27 lbs
  • Turning Radius:  18.12 feet

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