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Hustler 5-BTV

A great 5 band antenna for a small garden.



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This 5 band vertical antenna is a very popular top seller and ideal for ground mounting where space is at a premium.

  • 5 Bands
  • Coverage 80-10m
  • Bandwidth Full 
  • SWR 1.15:1
  • Power 1kW
  • Traps 25.4mm formers
  • Tubing 31.75mm
  • Bracket size 44.45mm
  • Height 7.64m
  • Weight 7.7kg
  • Wind (112kph) 13kg 

Installing your Hustler Vertical antenna.

All quarter wave vertical antennas need an earth system to work against. Imagine it as being the other half of a dipole. The popular way to mount a vertical antenna is at ground level. This is because a vertical antenna is often the best choice for a small garden.

It is a popular myth that radials have to be a quarter wave long. In fact they can be any length. The more wire that you lay down the better. Again, the common method of installing radials is to slit a hole in the ground and bury them.

The wire can be insulated or bare. If you really do have problems in even installing radials, then a couple of earth rods will work, albeit at reduced efficiency. And another tip os to make up a coax choke at the point at which the coax connects to the antenna.

This can be easily done by winding around 10 - 15 turns of coax on a 4" former, fastening with plastic wraps or tape and then removing the former so that the coil is air wound.


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