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Diamond WD-330S

T2FD Folded DIpole 2 - 28.6 MHz LESS COAX



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T2FD Folded DIpole 2 - 28.6 MHz LESS COAX

The Diamond WD-330S is a complete antenna built to professional standards. It is a Wide band folded dipole (the same type used by the Military for frequency hopping) and is designed to operate  from 1.8 MHz to 28.6 MHz continuously with SWR below 2:1 For transmitting the antenna can be matched on any frequency down to 1:1 SWR with an external ATU - but on the Amateur bands this should not be needed.

This antenna is power rated at 150 watts PEP and can be installed in horizontal form (flat-top), in "V" inverted or inclined with the lower end fixed  to within 2m from the ground.

The Diamond D-330S is constructed from vinyl coated  #14 copper wire and has an intermediate insulator cover protected with epoxy resin..

WD330S: 2 to 28.6MHz

Length:10m / Weight:1.7kg
Max.power rating:150W(PEP)

With two 10m plastic rope Without coaxial cable assembly

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