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Create CLP 5130-1N

21 element wideband log periodic antenna



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CLP 5130-1N

Suitable for commercial and ham transmission and reception, these Log Periodic antennas offer high gain over a wide frequency range.

Used by MOD and other commercial users, they combine directivity with excellent signal pulling ability, through the well established Log Periodic design.

These antennas are capable of transmitting on all amateur bands from 6 metres to 23-centimetres with up to 500 watts of RF power, but may also be used for Wide-band scanning receivers, VHF/UHF television, FM broadcast, Aviation, Government communications, and business radio! 

The antenna has an SWR of less than 2.0:1 across their entire range of operation. 

The Create log-periodic's uses a specially shaped aluminium boom that allows for movement of the phasing line. Additionally, distortions in the vertical and horizontal planes have been minimised so adjustment of the element alignment is unnecessary. 

Create log-periodic antennas are very easy to assemble when compared to other log-periodic designs. 

  • Frequency 50-1300 MHz
  • Elements 21 
  • Power 500W PEP
  • VSWR <2.0:1
  • Forward gain 10-12dBi
  • Front-to-back ratio 15dB
  • Connector N-type
  • Wind survival 40m/sec
  • Boom length 3m
  • Mast size 38-50mm
  • Weight 5kg

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