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Comet H-422

7-14-21-28Mhz 4 Band HF V Dipole





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Comet H 422 

"V" or Horizontal mounted multi-band Dipole 

The Comet H 422 has been a top seller since its arrival, we have received great feedback from our customers on its performance, indeed several have been used on special events stations and DXpeditions with outstanding results.

It works on the 4 main HF bands 7, 14, 21, and of course 28Mhz. Easy to assemble, use as a horizontal  or "V" dipole, this is a "must have HF antenna" especially if space is restricted.

Newly designed High Power (1kw) 4-Band trap dipole antenna, . Can be used both straight and /or V type. When used as V type, ready to transmit from low position of 3m high from the ground. A high power 2k/SSB balun is included as a standard, this also helps prevent TVI, BCI, and other possible sources of interference.Specially developed high power trap coils assure high power QSO's constantly.

  • Frequencies : 7,14,21,28 Mhz
  • Impedance : 50 Ohm
  • VSWR : Less than 1:1.5 at centre frequency
  • Maximum input Power : 1Kw SSB
  • Connector : M Type ( SO239)
  • Maximum Wind Velocity : 35m/sec
  • Length : 10.3m (straight assembly), 7.4m (V type assembly)
  • Weight : 5.4Kgs
  • Rotation Radius : 5.3m (Straight Assembly), 3.8m(V Assembly)
  • Suitable mast diameter : 38 - 62mm
  • Packed Length : 2 metres


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