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Comet GP-9

3-piece ultra-high gain dualband 145/433MHz base antenna





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GP 9  

Highest Gain  Dualband (2m / 70Cms) base station antenna

If you need a very high gain base antenna to use on 2m and 70 cms, they don't come a lot better than this one. At 5.15m in length, this 3 piece antenna offers gain figures of 8.5dBi on 145MHz, and  11.9dBi on 433MHz.

The antenna has built in lightning protection, fibreglass construction for longer life, and features  Comet's SLC- Super Linear Converter system for maximum gain and lowest loss. Ready tuned, no adjustment necessary.


  • Frequency : 145 /433 MHz
  • Gain : 145 / 8.5dBi 433 / 11.90 dBi
  • Impedance : 50 Ohms
  • V.S.W.R.: Less than 1.5
  • Length : 5.15m
  • Max Power : 200w
  • Weight : 2.2 kg
  • Available Mast : 30 - 62 mm diameter
  • Connector : PL259 (M) type

I use a GP9 at home myself and have been really impressed with the performance of this antenna over the years, it has consistently given me some really excellent longer distance contacts on VHF and UHF without the extra effort of putting up beams etc etc...and I can really recommend it, not the cheapest antenna in the world, but over time I would say it has been great value and still in excellent condition despite being here right on the south coast.

73 Mick G0-ABB

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