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Watson PowerMite NF

20A variable 11 - 15V power supply





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PowerMite NF

The Powermax series are lightweight, high performance, high efficiency, durable, switching power supplies, with highly visible backlit, easy to read dual meters,good quality binding posts on rear of power supply, and a  2-stage over-temperature protection feature.

Large analogue Volts and Current meters, voltage adjustment 4 to 16V DC, front panel red warning LED, short circuit & overload protection, cooling fan and large terminal posts which are placed on the rear.

With the Noise offset knob, you can adjust the switching frequency of the power supply from 19KHz to 31KHz. This function is especially designed for radio communication use. If you get noise from your transceiver then simpy turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise and you will tune the noise out!


  •     Output current: 22 amps.continuous - 25A Max
  •     Output voltage: 4.0 - 16V variable.
  •     Noise Offset.feature
  •     Over voltage/temperature / protected.
  •     Red Trip warning LED, Green Power LED.
  •     Dual V/A meter.
  •     Volts adjust with 13.8V position.
  •     Rear power terminal posts.
  •     Selectable 100-260V AC (Set for 230V).
  •     Auto fan cooled or over-ride switch.
  •     Power & Warning LEDs.
  •     Detachable 3-pin UK mains lead included
  •     Pack of 2 x crimp-on type terminals included
  •     Size : 165  x 147  x  55mm  (DWH)
  •     Weight: 1.2kg

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