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SSB-Electronic SP-23

1250-1300MHz 23cm mast head pre-amplifier





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1250-1300MHz 23cm mast head pre-amplifier

The low-noise preamplifiers of the SB Super-Amp series are available for the amateur radio bands 6 m, 2 m, 70 cm, 23 cm and 13 cm.

All models are equipped with low-noise GaAs-FET devices which are safeguarded against HF by a an effective
protective circuit.
To suppress unwanted signals two filters are used in the SB range by etched Microstrip-Filters on the ceramic board and high-value Helix filters.

The SB Super-Amp amplifiers can be operated alternatively with a remote or direct feed. The relay circuit is RF sensing so can be simply installed with automatic changeover to TX if required. However, when a power amplifier is used, we recommend our Sequence Controller DCW 2004 B-SHF to ensure  the correct sequential receive/transmit switchover, controlling the relays with-out the risk of arcing.

  • Power to the units is supplied by the coaxial cable (remote power supply).

  • All SB Super-Amp amplifiers are manufactured in a UV-resistant, weatherproof housing using N-Type sockets. Hot-dip galvanized clamps and installation material are supplied

  • Frequency range/MHz  1250-1300
  • Noise figure  1.5 dB
  • Amplification    20 dB
  • Switching power w. HF-Vox  10 W
  • Permissible power
  • w. DCW-2004 (SSB 100W)
  • Permissable power  w. DCW-2004 (FM) 100W
  • Insertion loss  0,4 dB
  • Operating voltage  13,8 V
  • Current consumption  400 mA
  • max. Mast diameter  58mm

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