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Microset 27-200T

Solid state 3-30MHz HF linear power amplifier






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The 27-200T is a solid state HF linear power amplifier operating over 3 to 30MHz. It is usable on SSB, AM and FM modes and has RF sensed Tx/Rx switching.

There is a switch for changing between SSB and AM/FM modes plus a separate pre-amp switch. On transmit the amplifier can draw up to 26A and requires a quality power supply of at least 30A to ensure good operation.

As the case is also the integral heat sink, please make sure that there is an adequate ventilation for cooling.

Specifications :

  •  Freq 3-30MHz
  • Input power 3-5W Turbo on, 5-15W Turbo off
  • Output power 120-270W AM/FM, 170-300W PEP SSB Modes SSB / CW / FM /
  • Operates in class AB
  • Antenna preamplifier gain 20dB
  • Noise 1.5dB typ.
  • RF sensed Tx/Rx switching
  •  LED band and power indicators
  • Integral case heatsink
  • Power 13.5VDC, 26A Tx max,
  • Rx 100mA
  • Connectors: 2x SO-239 50 Ohms
  • Size 180 x 70 x 166mm
  •  Weight 1.5kg
  • The 27-200T is suitable for most transceivers but not for those that run below 3W.

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