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BEKO Elektronik HPP-144

2.000/2500 watts CW/SSB thru power Preamplifier






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2.000/2500 watts CW/SSB thru power VHF 144MHz  Preamplifier

The new BEKO HPP-144 & HPP-432 preamplifiers are the ideal addition for all users who desire to run their amplifiers at the maximum full power levels.

 These preamplifiers set a new standard featuring 2,5 kW thru power ratings, high rel. relays that contain ceramic and PTFE linings.  They also include several protection circuits.

 Designed by HA8ET, they provide noise figures of <0.5 dB (typ), adjustable gain (14 -20 dB.) and high level performance with an input IP3 of 22 dBm.

 Voltage can be feed through the coaxial cable or via a separate voltage feed connected to the SO239 socket.

 These preamplifiers are narrow-band and include filters to reject FM broadcast as well as other services.

 Because of their High Power ratings they are most suitable for Weak Signal, Scatter, EME and all the new digital modes.

Technical data :
  •     Frequency range: 144-146 MHz
  •     Gain: 14 - 20 dB (internally adjustable)
  •     NF: <0,6 dB (typ. 0,5 dB)
  •     1 dB bandwidth: 3 MHz
  •     3 dB bandwidth: 4,5 MHz
  •     Input-IP3: >22 dBm
  •     Output-IP3: +40 dBm GaAs FET (ATF-53189)
  •     FM broadcast rejection: >63 dB @ 100 MHz
  •     432 MHz rejection: >50 dB
  •     Supply voltage: +12-15V/900mA external or via coaxial feed
  •     Connectors: N-female, PL239 for +Ub
  •     Dimensions: 164 x 89 x 120 LxWxH [mm]
  •     Weight: 960g
  •     Stability: unconditionally stable

Also available with 7/16 DIN connectors. Recommended for higher duty cycle operation. Surcharge 50 Euro

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