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Yaesu VX8DE Used Model Ref 11667

Triband 50/145/433MHz handheld transceiver





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VX8DE  Used Model Ref 11667

Just arrived ! Popular tribander  50/14/433MHz handheld in excellent condition, original box

  • Triple band transmit on 2m/6m and 70cms with up to 5W FM transmit power
  • Wide band receive from 0.5 - 999.90 Mhz
  • Large main dial with clear easy to read display showing frequency and status indications for each band.
  • Bluetooth capability for truly hands free operation with optional Bluetooth module and headset.
  • Integrated high performance APRS operation. [1200bps on Band B only]
  • Optional GPS operation with FGPS-2 module or NMEA input.
  • Powerful 1100mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Wide band receive and completely independent AM/FM receiver
  • Stereo decoder for FM broadcast reception built in.
  • Internal bar antenna  for better AM reception
  • Dual Band AF monitor for listening to FM/AM broadcast and monitoring ham bands
  • Built in barometric and temperature gauges.
  • 1267 Memories in 24 banks with up to 100 memories per bank
  • Alphatagging for memory channels and bank names
  • Built in memories for WX, Marine channels & SW broadcast stations
  • Morse code learning and training feature

  • Please note : Our B grade/clearance/used equipment is posted to UK only

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