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Yaesu VL/VP1000 Used Model

Quadra HF-6m amplifier with new PSU



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VL/VP1000 Used Model

Chance to own this top of the range Quadra amplifier which belonged to the boss ! These amplifiers cost £4,600 new even today!

It is supplied with a brand new un-opened VP-1000 power supply (cost £900) !

The Amplifier covers 1.8 to 54 MHz giving a smooth 1 kW output and features a built-in automatic antenna tuner. it has a comprehensive protection circuit to guard against overdrive and high SWR.

The Quadra amplifier works with any brand of radio just simply connect up your radio remote switch to the Amplifier switching input and apply RF. The amplifier detects the input frequency and switches to the appropriate band, using the F SET key.  For Yaesu radios it is possible to use a Band data cable (not supplied), so the amplifier automatically tracks the band in use. The Quadra needs between 50 to 80 watts input to develop full output power.

Features include:
  • 2 transceiver inputs
  • 4 antenna outputs
  • Built in Auto Antenna Tuner
  • Large display of SWR, Power, Average Power, ALC, etc.

HF/50MHz Linear Amplifier

For a bold, clean signal from "Top Band" through the "Magic Band," the VL-1000/VP-1000 QUADRA SYSTEM belongs in your station!

Innovative Ouadra Push-Pull RF Design for 1 kW of MOSFET Power! Yaesu's engineers have conquered the challenging task of providing high power output from 160 through 6 meters!

Ultra-Conservative Design

The VL-1000 is crafted with reliability as the #1 objective. Extensive monitoring of heat, current, input drive, and other parameters allows the microprocessor to control the protection circuitry with lightning-fast response time. And the extensive heat sink design provides a huge margin of safety for the cooling of the PA and other components.

Quad Push-Pull Design

Utilizing eight rugged MRF-150 MOS FET power transistors in a four-module push-pull configuration, the Yaesu design team has conquered the difficult challenge of providing high power output along with low spurious emission, along with high reliability.

Automatic Band Change

When operating with most modern Yaesu transceivers, band data information is transferred between the transceiver and the VL-1000 using a band data cable( not supplied), this will allow automatic band change on the amplifier when you change bands on the transceiver.
The VL-1000 also provides automatic band changing via a frequency-sensing circuit, when used with other exciters; just a press of the "F-SET" key is required to detect the frequency and switch bands.

Two Input and Four Output Jacks

Ensuring easy integration into your multi-rig Yaesu station, the VL-1000 includes two input jacks, along with four output (antenna) jacks. The microprocessor automatically selects the correct combination of connectors, according to your original setup, so you never have to be throwing switches when you change bands!

Automatic Antenna Tuner

The built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner is designed to smooth out minor impedance variations in your antenna system, ensuring full power output without placing the amplifier circuitry in danger due to excessive RF voltage.
And unlike some solid state amplifiers, if you forget to turn the auto-tuner on but the amplifier encounters an SWR somewhat over 2:1, the VL-1000 doesn't turn itself off! Instead, it switches to low power (500 W) first, to let you try to make the contact. further power reduction will occur, of course, if a serious SWR anomaly exists. 

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