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Palstar AT1500CV Used Model Ref 11653

High power manual antenna tuner





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AT1500CV Used Model Ref 11653

Just arrived !  Boxed and with  our 6 month warranty too !

The AT1500CV is a solidly constructed high power antenna tuner using a heavy duty silver plated copper coil.

This unit is built to last Matches dipoles, center fed doublets, G5RVs balanced feeders, Verticals, single wire, delta loops, beams, windoms, Inverted Vs, Built in 4:1 balun for balanced wire feeders

Bypass position for quick straight-through antenna connection with SWR/POWER monitoring. Bypass switch output can also be used with an added optional 4:1 balun to feed an all-band ZEPP antenna tuned from the built-in antenna tuner located in most commercial transceivers, 6 position antenna selector switching Average power meter reading to 3000 Watts

Standing Wave Ratio measurements with a illuminated crossneedle meter. Vernier dial plates for more accurate settings.

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