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Ameritron ALS-600X Used Ref 11624 SOLD

600w Solid State Amplifier + PSU





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ALS-600X + Power Supply

Used model just arrived, boxed and in excellent condition !
 (includes optional 10/12m kit)

Ameritron's revolutionary ALS-600 is amateur radio's only linear amplifier that uses four rugged TMOS RF power FETs -- gives superb no tune solid state performance.

 Includes no tune FET Amplifier and a 240VAC, 50/60Hz AC power supply for home operation.

You get instant bandswitching, no tuning, no warm-up, no fuss! ALS-600 gives 600 watts PEP output power and 500 watts CW with continuous coverage 1.5 to 22MHz; 10/12 meters with easy-to-install optional kit

 SWR protection prevents amplifier damage if you switch to the wrong band, use the wrong antenna or have a high SWR. Over-power protection enables if output forward power or reflected power exceeds a safe level. Output power is automatically reduced to prevent amplifier damage by controlling ALC to exciter.

The ALS-600 is extremely quiet. A low speed, low volume fan is so quiet you'll hardly know it's there, unlike noisey blowers used in other amplifiers. The ALS-600 is a compact 6 x 91/2 x 12 inches -- takes up less space than your rig! Weighs just 121/2lbs.

 An LED illuminated cross-needle SWR / Wattmeter lets you read SWR, forward and reflected peak power simultaneously. An Operate / Standby switch lets you run "barefoot", but you can instantly switch to full power if you need it.

 You get a front-panel ALC control! This exclusive Ameritron feature lets you adjust your output power on the convenient front panel display. You also get front panel Transmit, ALC, and SWR LED indicators A 12VDC output jack lets you power low current accessories.

Enjoy 600 watts of no tune Solid State power.

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