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Whistler WS1098 B Grade Model

Desktop/Mobile Digital radio scanner



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WS1098 B Grade Model

Save money with this B Grade model, boxed with full warranty

Desktop/Mobile Digital radio scanner

The Whistler WS1098 is a multi-system adaptive digital trunk tracking scanner with Motorola P25Phase 1,X2-TDMA, and Phase 2 capabilities.

This model features and easy to use navigation system with a multi-function keypad and includes a PC program for easy customization.

Supplied with a UK optimised Frequency range! +DMR 

Simple Menu selection
  • 1 US
  • 2 Canada
  • 3 UK

It also includes USB cable and PC software. "Virtual Scanner" feature can store an amazing 200 various scanner configurations.

The WS1098 allows recording recording by scannable object and saves to a Windows compatible file.

The handy clock and calendar function adds the date/time info to the recordings, and has the ability to power up the scanner at a specific time.

Key Features :-

  • Frequency ranges :- 25-54MHz/108-136.99MHz/137-174MHz/216-379.97MHz/380-512MHz/764-781MHz791-796MHz/806-960MHz (excludingcellular)/1240-1300MHz
  • Modes include AM and FM plus Digital
  • Onboard user interface for creating and editing trunked systems, sites, and Talkgroups
  • "Spectrum Sweeper" feature locks onto nearby transmissions without programming or knowing the frequencies (Lockout included for unwanted signals)
  •  Detachable front head panel for easy install
  • Software upgradeable CPU  & DSP Firmware
  • Decoding of P25 Phase II (full TDMA) and X2-TDMA modes
  • Decoding of DMR
  • Stores up to 10 million selections that can be categorised into over 200 scan lists
  • Backlit Dot-Matrix display and alphanumeric keypad & homing bar
  • CTCSS/DCS sub-audible decoder
  • Headphone/Speaker jack
  • Multi colour ultra-bright customisable LED alert feature
  • Multi-system digital/analogue APCO P25 trunking, Project 25 Motorola Type I/II/Hybrid, EDACS, ltr Systems & DMR
  • IF/Discriminator output feature is un squelched & unfiltered, making it ideal for third party signal analysis.
        For Home use requires 12V DC mains power supply (not included)

Frequency ranges :-
  • 25-54MHz
  • 108-136.99MHz  (UK Civil Airband)
  • 137-174MHz
  • 216-379.97MHz
  • 380-512MHz
  • 764-781MHz
  • 791-796MHz
  • 806-960MHz (excluding cellular)
  • 1240-1300MHz
Sockets : BNC Antenna, extension speaker, Mini USB, Earphone .

Q&A :  
How is the UK version different from the USA version.
Whistler have made a UK selection (on start up) in the scanner menu, to ensure that the scanner covers the UK frequency bands and with the appropriate frequency steps for the UK.
Can the radio receive UK DMR services including Amateur Radio DMR
The radios will receive both amateur and commercial DMR transmissions, as apart from the frequency they are fundamentally the same mode
The WS 1089 is supplied with software and users can select the mode when writing memories or select auto and it will work out the mode itself!
Can the Radio receive MOTOTRBO protocol ?
No it cannot, but the new TRX-1 and TRX-2 models can!

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