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Bearcat UBC3500XLT

2500Ch Handheld Scanning Receiver with Close Call



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Bearcat UBC-3500XLT 2500 Channel Handheld Scanner with useful "Close Call" feature to find stations.....Fast !

The UBC3500XLT is the new flagship in handheld radio scanners, with the most comprehensive list of features ever offered by Bearcat.

Some great features include 2500 dynamic channels, close call, quick keys, CTCSS and DCS squelch modes, repeater reverse, drop-out delay, channel alert, memory check, scan and search operation, custom alerts, automatic channel steps, quick recall, text tagging, data skip, memory backup, PC control and cloning, and much more.

  • Bearcat UBC-3500XLT  - 2500 channel handheld scanner
  • Freq: 25-512Mhz / 806-960Mhz /1240-1300Mhz
  • Memories: 2500 Dynamic channels
  • 10 Programmable search banks
  • 3 Selectable Band plans
  • Air band search - pre programmed
  • Close Call RF Capture facilitywith Do Not Disturb function
  • Quick Keys
  • Frequency Steps : 5/6.25/7.5/10/12.5/15/20/15/50/100Khz and 8.33 kHz Airband steps.
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch
  • Lockout Function
  • Alarm function
  • Repeater function
  • Scan delay Function
  • Custom Screen
  • Quick Recall
  • Alpha-numeric Tags
  • Data Skip
  • Auto Store
  • Batteries save function
  • Cloning Function
  • SMA-Antenna
  • Channel Hold Function
  • AGC-Function
  • Display Contrast Control
  • Supplied with: Wrist strap, AC adaptor, batteries, belt clip, BNC/SMA adaptor, owners manual.
  • Size:  61(w) x 31(d) x 131(h) mm


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