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A new wideband handheld scanner to add to our range of TTi equipment. The TSC-3000R has a very useful wide frequency range from 150kHz-1300Mhz in AM/FM and WFM modes. Very compact size makes it easy to take anywhere, and ideal for airshows etc etc.

We have found the TTi scanners are also very user friendly and have very sensitive and selective receivers, and best of all.........they are great value for money !


  •    Frequency Range 150kHz-1300Mhz 
  •    Modes (AM/ NFM/ WFM)
  •    1300 Channel Memory
  •     44 Banks (Variable Memory)
  •     Manual Memory (1000)
  •     Auto Memory (200)
  •     Programmed Scan Memory (50)
  •     Dual Watch Memory (50)
  •     Scan/ Search
  •     Squelch Adjustment
  •     Numeric Keyboard
  •     Step Sizes (5, 6.25, 8.33, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25kHz )
  •     Cloning Feature
Supplied complete with : Rubber wideband antenna (sma fit), drop-in charger, earpiece, carry strap, 3.7v 1900mAh Li-ion Battery Pack, and Handbook.

TTI TSC-3000R Reviews

Average Rating: 4.5

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Hi friends,
I’ve just received (December 7, 2012) the small TSC-3000 scanner and I’ve checked it , the first, with some antenna.
But , at first, I’ve read the small manual and I can say that this radio is very simple to manage and to save and to scan memories. More, it has a bright sound.
As all the handheld receivers o scanners, with the ham antennas it overloads, but you can use the ATT.
And , if you are looking for a fast scanner, it isn’t yours ; this small gear runs not very fast, may be 5 or 10 ch/sec. ; but I like that rate because I like to control slowly the frequencies .
However, with V/Uhf antennas it works very well , sensitive. Also with small indoor Hf antennas.
With his short antenna, if you go at the first floor, you are able to hear better Mf and Hf. But at the ground floor you can hear clear the FM Broadcasting, the Airband and the V/Uhf beacons.
As ham I use , on HF, a 40/80 dipole , a M0CVO end fed antenna and a home made loop (85 cm.- about 3’) antenna for the lower bands.
The loop doesn’t overload the front end and I’m able to hear signal from 200Khz to 13 Mhz ; very good.
For higher frequencies, better to use the end fed or dipole or similar antennas.
I also have heard a pair of NDB ( 400Khz, 360 Khz) out of my County (Friuli). To connect an external antenna, I’ve built a short RG58 stub with a PLC at one end and a small SMA at the other side.
The last, I’ve checked it with a Miracle antenna and , may be , this portable antenna is the better solution.
It doesn’t overload and you can receive to Mf to Uhf, very comfortable. Or, as external antenna, you could use a Discone from 25 to 1500 Mhz, including Mf. But I didn’t check any Discone.
In any case , this small radio has a great value for money. Over all, a very nice radio.
And, closing, please keep in mind that these lines are only based on the feeling between myself, the scanner and my Country signals.
Good hearing.
73, Maurizio IV3XAZ.
I can recommend this all band receiver. It has very good sensitivity across all the bands even on the standard aerial.

I bought a SMA-BNC adapter so I can use my collection of different aerials which has increased its performance.

I only give it four stars as a recent trip to Heathrow proved it to be open to squits from Acars transmissions whilst on overflight frequencies.

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