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W2IHY W2 EQ Plus

EQ plus audio compressor with speech processor





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The EQplus is designed to be directly attached to either your microphone (Icom, Yaesu or Kenwood) or to the W2IHY's 8-Band EQ (W2EDGE), or to your Kenwood, Icom or Yaesu HF Transceiver.

The EQplus provides Audio Compression, Downward Expansion, Effects and connectivity to three radios.

There is a choice of three different mic Impedances, 200, 600 and 50k Ohms, and there is a 5V supply for mics that require this such as Icom HM-12, HM-36 and SM-6 and Heil HMI and ICM which can be plugged in direct to the unit.


Features include a LED bar graph which indicates pk-to-pk audio levels, equaliser with separate Bass and Treble controls give around 20dB of boost and cut and a 20dB variable Compressor / Downward Expander gives you extra punch.

Also included is a noise gate to reduce background noise. There are two effects in the Effects Processor, Effect 1 emulates dampening sound reflecting multiple times from a surface, and Effect 2 emulates sound reflecting once from a surface plus there is a delay control which controls the speed delay up to 80 milliseconds.


  • Bass & Treble Controls
  • 20dB of Audio Compression
  • Noise Gate (adjustable level/delay)
  • Variable Effects
  • 3x Mic Outputs (switched)
  • Input Impedance (switched)
  • Mic Input Impedance 200 / 600 or 50K Ohms
  • Headphone Monitor
  • LED level indicators
  • Input: 8-Pin, phono or AUX
  • Supply 12V DC
  • DC Cable included
  • Size: 228 x 100 x 130mm
  • Weight: 530

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